Greetings, and welcome to another edition of Mini Truckin' magazine. Wish I could've lined up a more entertaining/better looking host for this party, but you're stuck with me … again. But to make up for my personal shortcomings, I've arranged for a couple of magnificent Toyota specimens to guide you through the rest of the issue.

Every party needs a pooper. – Grumpy Cat

The first (in order of appearance) is Chris "Lucky" Brewer's amazingly cool '83 Hilux. For those who don't already know, Lucky is our resident archive keeper, scholar, and well-versed, high priest of classic MT scripture. His monthly Mini Truckin' Originals contributions have been an overwhelming success among our readers both old(er) and young, but even he would be admit to still being a mindful student of the craft. Along with his usual editorial installment this issue, we are very proud to present the completion of his personal project, which has roots dating back 20 years ago. It's plain to see where his heart lies, and that place is most definitely in the realm of years past. The timing of this presentation may seem coincidental in respect to our 25th anniversary issue, but I see it as being fateful—purely.

The second of the two Toys is John Miller's 4Runner, which is as fanciful and classy as any well-dressed mini could aspire to be. From the plush interior, to the exquisite paint, airbrushing, and detail work—it's a true gentleman's minitruck. I've been following the progress of this one for a few years now, and it has vastly improved with each change of ownership. It's safe to assume, however, that John's truck has reached an elevated status few do.

And with that, we've also included another (and last) original art piece in this issue to complete our 25th anniversary series. This month, we have the pleasure of showcasing the talent from the minds of Fuel Mrkt. The last three posters make quite the trilogy, and should take up a respectable portion of your wall. It's been awesome to watch these come together as we gave the artists full creative freedom to whip up a glimpse of how they view 25 years worth of Mini Truckin'.

Ready for me to shut my gob so you can flip the page already? Thought so. Well, have fun and do come back next month. The year's only half spent, and there's still PLENTY more to see—just you wait! But until then, make good choices.