Mini Truckin': From looking at this artwork, West Coast truck runs were a huge inspiration for this piece. Are there any personal stories behind this scene selection for this month’s 25th anniversary poster?

Brandon Bokath: Not necessarily personal stories, we were more trying to portray a feeling, and since we just got back from the West Coast Nationals, a desert theme it was.

MT: How about the trucks? Any insights into why you used these particular makes/models?

BB: This is our favorite older minitruck—the lines are great. The Toyota was used to bridge the gap between the old and new. We thought it would be fitting for the anniversary issue.

MT: Now, you guys were given full creative control over this poster, but is the final version anywhere near what first popped into your head for the design?

BB: Yeah pretty close, there were some changes along the way but went pretty smooth. From the beginning we knew we want to use the two light sources and I think we accomplished that.

MT: Fuel Mrkt’s reach on show flyers is rather extensive, just how long does a masterpiece such as this take from initial mock up to the final rendition?

BB: This was completely different than a show design but each one is a little different. The only thing that is the same is the art department always thinks it will take less time than it actually does!