Greetings, dear readers! Hope this issue finds everyone in high hopes and spirits. With this being the second installment of our 25th anniversary extravaganza, there's definitely been a lot to be excited about on our end. Most of that excitement revolves around another original piece of centerfold artwork we are happy to present to you this month from the talented mind of none other than Mr. Nick Crouch of Surface DVD. I won't go too much into detail about it here though. I'll let Nick fill you in on page 35. I will say this though—you're going to want to frame this one or, at the very least, plaster it on your wall with the stickiest of sticky substance of your preference.

A journey is a person in itself: no two are alike. -John Steinbeck

Kimery Uhl and his killer Hardbody lead this month's parade of feature trucks, and with a pack of stunners behind him, you'll be sure to stick around for the entire procession. The 5 years he's spent changing and rearranging the truck, along with dealing with having parts and tools stolen from the shop at the last minute proved to be a gigantic pain in the ass to say the least. He sent me a batch of build photos from his journey to getting the truck finished for SEMA, which got me thinking about everyone else's long road to featuredom (new word score!). A mass text was sent to the other guys featured this month, and within one afternoon, my inbox was filled with photographic evidence of each of their personal paths to completion. We've compiled these images for you to inspect right here in a new department titled Before The Feature. We plan to reserve a page dedicated to these behind the scene glimpses every month to better relay the stories of humble beginnings and relatable struggles.

And with that, I'll bid you all a good night or morning or whatever time in between this issue finds its way into your hands. Tune in next month for the last leg of our anniversary shindig—it's sure to be an issue to remember.

Bye Bye!