1. Reppin'
We ran into this fine gentleman at the Forbidden Fantasy show, and talked about his truck for a bit. Then he flashed us his MT logo, which made us blush and giggle for a minute. Thanks for the love and support, good sir, and sorry your name has escaped our deteriorating memory. Show it off proudly!

2. Style For Miles
Here's the tattoo I recently got done. I'm from Marne, Michigan and I'm a diehard 23-year-old minitrucker and this tattoo was done by another minitruckin' buddy of mine named Bryan Mervau. Hopefully it makes it in the mag. Thanks!

3. InstaFan
While creepin' our Instagram one day (@mini_truckin_magazine), we ran across a photo posted by Jason Moore. Thanks for displaying the mag's colors! You wear them well!

4. Creepin'
Also during our social media prowl, we ran into a Facebook message ( from Matt Whitley. He sent us this image of his arm decoration. Badass for sure, Matt! Thanks for the share!

Off The Wall

Jason Lee - "Doing some spring cleaning and look what I found. July 1992"

Wow, nice find. Did you happen to stash that one under the mattress with your collection of … nevermind. We don't want to know where it was hiding, just glad it's back in your hands.

Swelyn Vos - "Mini Truckin also happens in Europe, I live in Holland and this was my 1995 Blazer 4.3 vortec bored and tuned"

Thanks for the share, Selwyn. We always get a kick out of seeing minitrucks being built in the land where Euros are spent. Spreek je Engels? Waar is het toilet?

Irene Albert Honey - "Mini Truckin from Thailand"

James Cornelison- "The only work I will be doing today"

Don't let the boss man catch ya, James!

Party Animal
25th Birthday Present

"I see it is your big anniversary, check it out, I just finished this illustration and slapped a Mini Truckin' logo on his shirt. What do ya think? I think it looks rad! Take it easy!"
Efra Sanchez
(Chamuco Studio)

Hey Efra,
Man, what a cool design you got there, and thanks for the little gift! How very thoughtful of you! That ugly dude looks like he's ready to put a wreckin' on someone. We like that. We'll get back to you via email about possibly "borrowing" your image for something much more fun and exciting. Thanks again!