Hrad Luck
Totally Totaled
"I bought a Former NC truck from Daniel Blase of Fresno, California. I just recently sold my old S-10 feature truck and was looking for a new project. I knew Daniel has been trying to sell his for over a year now. I got the truck with high hopes of re-building it since it was a Mini Truckin' feature too (January 2008). Well, I was coming home from getting a quote to re-paint it from a very good painter in Tulare (Teo's Customs). The World AG Expo (farm show) was in town so I figured there would be lots of cops out (I was driving the truck pretty low like usual). I was on one of the back roads to my house when I hit a large bump at about 45-50 mph. The Gatorade I was drinking fell from the center console and spilled on the passenger side floorboard. Without thinking, I immediately tried to pick it up before all of it spilled out, when I lean over to try to pick it up with my right hand, my left hand is still on the wheel and I turn the wheel to the right. I ended up driving face first into a power pole! Hurt like a mother, but I was ok. Luckily I was wearing my seatbelt. The insurance adjuster just called me, and it has been officially "totaled out".

P.S. I was 2 effing blocks away from my house!! :("
-Scott McNeilly
Visalia, CA

Guess that statistic about accidents happening around your home (comfort zone) holds true once again, unfortunately. It sucks to see such a nice truck go down the pooper, but hey as least you didn't go flying through the windshield. R.I.P. pretty blue Taco!
P.S. What flavor Gatorade were you drinking? It wasn't blue, was it?