There was nowhere to go but everywhere, so just keep on rolling under the stars. - On The Road by Jack Kerouac

Welcome to the end of winter! So are you ready, or what? It's finally time to crawl out of hibernation mode and get back on the open road. Which show are you planning to hit first? What are you bringing? How are you getting there? Who are you going with? What are you going to listen to on the way? I'm not just typing these questions to give my fat fingers a workout here—I'm genuinely interested in what you have to say. So if you would please humor me by responding to one or all of the questions above, along with a few pics to go with your story, I'd appreciate it. Really, I would. My email address is Feel free to blow it up, but please don't send spam about how I can enter some contest to win a free iPad or where I can score cheap peepee-enhancing pills. That's all I ask. And with that, the “junk” filter is now turned … off.

Hey, it's great to be writing to you once again. It's always a pleasure hunting down the coolest of the cool trucks for your viewing pleasure, and this month, a trip up North to Canada was in order to capture this month's cover model. Cory Hussey's '05 Colorado made its introduction into the U.S. show scene last summer at Camp ‘N Drag—well, that's where I first met this duo, anyway. But it wasn't until the end of the year until we met again for photos in Ohio, and then again in their native land for the rest of the shoot. I feel like I'm rambling here. Long story short, Cory's a good dude—very humble, and his truck, well, it tells its own story. Just look at it … immaculate from front to back—short, dark, and handsome you could say. It breaks necks everywhere it goes without even trying. Its subtle style works just as hard, if not harder, than painted screams and outrageous body mods.

With crazy modifications in mind, take a good look at Rodney King's Scion xB pickup. Yeah, we chuckled the first time we heard his name too, but what he accomplished with his first-gen toaster is definitely no joke. And while you're flipping through the issue, be sure to stop when you get to the latest installment of our Junkyard Jewel Chevy LUV tech series. We scrounged an engine and transmission from an old and forgotten Mitsu and made a few adjustments and tweaks to make combination work. This project has been a blast, and you'd be surprised just how little cash (time and work are a different story) we have invested in it so far.

Well, the time to split has come. Enjoy the issue—there's plenty of great material to look at and read, and we don't know how you could possibly NOT get a kick out of it. But if you aren't particularly impressed, we're sorry. We'll try harder next issue. Promise.

Don't forget to write!