Scrapped Book Special

In recent months, a flurry of photos and posts on social media sites has sparked interest in the whereabouts of many trucks from days gone by. Many have surfaced in pieces while others have never surfaced but have come with an interesting story about their demise. Many have found their way to a metal scrap facility. Some have found their resting place far from a show field or page from a magazine and are now covered in left over yard sale goods, tarps, or mounds of bird crap. Luckily for some, few have been snatched up by guys like Uncle Fester, a minitruck connoisseur who continues to attend shows with such trucks as Last Look and Time Machine, or other well-meaning souls with a soft spot in their heart for old mini metal.

With so many minitruckers reaching their mid-life crisis, it was only a matter of time that now-classic trucks have piqued such interest in our lifestyle. These are the '57 Chevys of our time. These are memories of days without kids, all-night cruising, parking lot pimping, and hitting weekend-long truck runs. As trucks continue to pop up on classified sites, auctions sites, and spread word of mouth, some of us find ourselves wanting to restore that old relic of an '80s Nissan rather than a classic muscle car. Finding such a truck from years gone by is even more of a treat. Its nice to see one pop up that has been saved in a time capsule from prying eyes, curious hands, or a mess from the last house project.

This month, we bring you a collage of trucks from features gone by. Some of these trucks are alive and well while others are in desperate need of a whole lot of things. Regardless, these trucks are alive and well. We like to see them anywhere in any condition rather than in a pile of scrap metal at the local recycle facility. These trucks are our history, our memories, our culture. Like them or not, this is what has paved the path to what we have today.

Until next time, blow the dust off that mini you built to be original no matter how unacceptable its style may be today.