Back With A Vengeance

"I have a '74 Ford Courier that was in 2009 Danger Zone show coverage. I got ahold of that truck and realized it needed A LOT of work so that's why I'm here. It now has a Mitsubishi front clip narrowed 4¼ inches, disc brakes, Mitsu 2.0L w/five-speed, bodydropped 2½ inches, 4-inch chop top, shortened the wheel base 6 inches, cut the bed down to match the shortened wheel base. I took 2 inches out of the back of the bed, shaved the gas door, side lights, top bedrail, lifted body line to match body line on cab, and added rocker panel to front of bed to match cab. The suicide doors and driprail were shaved, and custom rear framerails and a four-link were fabricated. Hope you guys like these build pics I have. Thanks for looking guys!"

-Brian Beasley

MINI Mini Truckers

"Just wanted to write in and tell you guys that I'm starting 3-month-old Adrian on the right path!"

- Larry Thompson

My son Jesse is a huge Mini Truckin' fan, thanks to my husband.
Thanks Mini Truckin', you've definitely helped with his doody duty!

-Hadar and Rachel Espinoza

"Here is my son Abel. He's amazed by the show coverage, and I personally think that MT has been working wonders for the potty training."

—Benji Harless