Renderings - On Deck

We got wind of a couple new renderings being formulated in the KP Concepts lab. One is Scott Casey's super clean and classy S-10. It's lookin' cool in blue, with a nice helping of details that tie the vibe together. We'll be watching close for this one.

This Toyota Stout has already been completed, but not too many sets of eyes have seen it yet. Jim Stuart and crew at Stone Cold Customs put it together, and we will be featuring this rare little morsel right here on our pages soon. We usually don't see the finished product before the rendering, but stranger things have happened. Stay tuned.

Ink - Love Hurts

Awww, nothing says true love like matching Mini Truckin' tattoos. Don't ya think? Lovebirds Jonathan Wilton and Amanda Kury of British Columbia, Canada, thought so, which is why they went under the needle. Contrary to a few accusations, these mini masterpieces are 100-percent real, and if you don't believe us, we'll let Jonathan tell you himself; "We had to pay cash for 'em, and they do not come off with soap and water … so, yeah, gotta say they are real." Told ya.

Life Sentence

Matt "Costa" and Krista Jimenez sent in some cool photos from day number one of their brand-new life together. Awww, how special. So who invited all the low lifes, anyway? Congrats you crazy kids, and best of luck!

Hard Luck - Well Done

"This is my wife's truck. It's a 2003 Dakota RT. It burnt down on our wedding night while out cruising. It was bagged, laid flat, and motor was hopped up a little bit. This was her pride and joy that she hoped one day would grace the pages of your magazine. Just had a complete digital design system build that put out 150.2 db. It was in the truck exactly one month before the accident. It would mean so much to her if you could feature her truck in hard luck. Here are a few before and after pictures. She's done everything except the ‘bags which was done by a buddy of mine."
-Josh Hogg

Man, what a bummer! And on your wedding day of all days! Sucks that wifey's truck made it to our pages under these circumstances, but hopefully it will (and please excuse our poor choice of cliché sayings) light a fire under her to start a new project. That was insensitive of us, sorry.