OK, so we have another weird issue for you. Not sure if that’s a good selling point to start this one off with but whatever, it should make for a nifty little flip-through. I think as the year goes on (it’s currently October 29th) the need to drop the cool guy face becomes more important than ever. Why? Well, the winter months absolutely blow for a good majority of you out there. The combination of snow, freezing temps and frozen toes, and a lack of shows to go to sounds like a great mix for a bad time—or so I would imagine.

Winter is nature’s way of saying, ‘up yours.’ - Robert Byrne

On the cover this month is Les Voudrie’s Toyota, which is sure to strike a match and cause some heated debates out there. Love it? Hate it? Surely you fall into one of those responses, because this crazy mini with a slight case of identity crisis doesn’t bring out the “maybe” in people. There’s some other good stuff in this issue that will hopefully take your mind off the cold but I’ll let you wander and find it all for yourself. My fingers are starting to cramp.

Oh, on a side note, SEMA starts tomorrow. I realize that by the time you have this issue in your hands, the show will be old news. You’ve more than likely already seen the coverage online, and may have noticed that a few heavily-buzzed about minis didn’t end up debuting in Vegas. Sh*t happens. And sometimes that’s really the only way to put things into perspective. Although it’s a major bummer that we weren’t able to showcase Jason Walker’s ’71 Datsun 521, Chris Knott’s ’86 720, or Ken Standish’s 4-dour ’73 Courier under the lights of Sin City, the anticipation to see these builds fully evolve is strong as ever. Quality control, funding, and the quickly vanishing sands of time got the best of this group of guys, but at the end of the day, no corners were cut in each of these respective projects. We all get stuck holding our breath a little longer while waiting for the truly good stuff in life, and in the end, I think you as fans of innovative builds appreciate that fact.

Cheers to the spring!