Flip Your Lid
Graffiti artist Grant Hicks, otherwise known as SANO13, is combining his two passionsminitrucks and graffiti. Weve all tried drawing cool designs or club logos on the bill of our lids, but Grant just kicked things up a few levels. Grants specialty is shop/home graffiti as well as big canvas, but anything he touches turns into a piece of beautiful street arteven your sweat stained, stinkin hat. We tracked down Grants contact info just in case you want to give him a shout about inking up your own cap. Find em creeping around at or drop a line to

Flashing Dedication

“Hey, here’s my MT tattoo …”
Joe Bachman

“I just wanted to say I’ve been minitruckin’ for 20 years now. I love the mag, and I’ve had a subscription ever since I can remember and love every issue. Keep it coming! Here is one of my mini-inspired tattoos, hope to see it in print soon. Thanks!”
Jason Kippen