"Economics is how to spend money without enjoying it."
- Author unknown

With the presidential election, and the media frenzy that goes along with, over and done with, we are using this issue to take a step back from politics and national/international affairs. Although we'll be moving away from most of the nation's big-ticket issues while we focus on our favorite pastime and lifestyle in this issue, one topic that's impossible to side step is the economy. Making an honest buck these days is tough, and Uncle Scam's knack for sniffing it out and taking "his" share is enough to make a grown man weep.

Every now and then though, most of us catch a break. Building trucks isn't cheap, and even if you do the majority of the work yourself, time becomes just as valuable as cash. This bleak information isn't new, but it's something to consider when looking at some of the museum-quality minis we've featured in the 2012 calendar year. When I see Oliver Porter's Tacoma in person, I spend the first few minutes feeling nauseous with envy, but then I realize it's taken him nearly a decade to get it to where it's at now. I feel the same way when I see how often and how hard Jonathan Juarez drives his crazy S-10. No matter what's going on with the bigger picture of global or local economics, trucks will still be built because there are dudes dedicated and, well, crazy enough to dump every spare hour and every last dime into them.

This issue is dedicated to the guys who were featured on our pages in the last year. Our staff, along with a handful of those who have hit the show circuit hard in 2012 were hand chosen to take part in the rare privilege of revisiting every one of the last 12 MT covers and making some hard decisions. Personally, this process has been a bit of a nightmare for me because I had to choose between guys who I consider my friends. But it's all about the trucks, and the impact they've made this year, so make sure to see how our voting played out on page 52.

But enough with all this campaigning. We've put together another issue you're sure to dig. There's a good mixture of clean, classy features along with a couple oddballs for good balance. Learn how to set up a functional four-link on page 22, and check out some coast to coast, as well as international show coverage too. Uh oh, it's half past Miller High Life o'clock. Gotta run!

- Editor