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Getting Down While Locked Up
On the Lyfestyle page in our October 2012 issue, we featured some artwork from a few of our fans. We made a remark how we don't receive drawings from our readers behind bars as much as we used to, and to our surprise, the amount of letters from correctional facilities all over the country came pouring in. Check out this feature-syle layout by Carl “Junior” Manzella from the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Carl tells us, “Thanks for keeping someone like me connected with the real world. I hope this drawing, which is inspired from my father's memory, will push others to draw and/or have faith in making it back home.” Turn to page 56 to see more awsome jail mail.

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Subject: I Heart Bastard Trucks

I just got the last issue with all the older trucks like the Datsun, and I have to say, it is my favorite issue. I used to get another mag called Hot VW and all they show are the “pretty” VW's. No rat rods. Mag got a little boring and old after a couple of years. Throw in a rat truck every now and again. Y'all are doing a great job.
Greg Alter
Cartersville, GA

'Sup Greg,
We usually don't like to run “positive” mail all too often here. Most people might get the idea that we are either just making it up (c'mon, like WE would really do that) or that we just like a good ego stroke. Doesn't everyone like to be stroked? But in the case of our December 2012 issue (Outcasts), we are right there with you! The response to the issue has been overwhelmingly positive, and to be honest, it won't be the last one we dedicate to these little “bastard” trucks. Don't get the wrong idea though, we like shiny paint and big billet wheels as much as the next guys do, but there's so much else to look at out there.

Thanks for taking the time to write in, Greg. And to show our appreciation for telling us what a wonderful and amazing job we've been doing, we'd like to send you a little token of our thanks. Our good friends at Universal Pictures sent us a box of The Bourne Legacy Bluray + DVD combo packs, so we'll set one aside and send it your way.

We've been keeping close tabs on the Volkswagen Bulli concept van seen here at its debut at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. Recent reports were showing promise as VW was supposedly looking to fill a void in the small crossover utility vehicle market, but VW board member Ulrich Hackenberg said a lack of interest and demand for production is the reason this microbus won't make it to the streets. Major bummer.

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