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To Whom it May Concern,
My name is Ernie, and I’m not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I need to start somewhere. I bought a ’90 Toyota pickup extended cab SR5 model in November 2011. I want to build a functional daily driver, but the head gasket just gave out! I didn’t know about the details on these V-6 engines. I specifically chose this model due to the body type, power windows, locks, mirrors, factory sunroof, and automatic transmission. Since the engine is out of commission for now, I was looking for some answers from the experts. Would a V-6 engine from a newer model Tacoma fit in this truck? Is this something that has been done? Any type of info would be amazing.
Thank you truly!
Ernie Quintero
Ontario, CA

As they say, anything can be done, but in my opinion an engine swap like that is just throwing time and money away. I’d get a fully rebuilt replacement or good low-mileage salvage if possible so you can retain all factory mounting and electrical, which will take less time saving you a lot of money, and those old trucks are normally very reliable with proper maintenance. If you decide you have to have the swap performed, the best route would be a donor truck so you have engine/transmission and all wiring/computers then seek out a shop in your area that is experienced at that type of work.

Dear MT,
I have a ’00 S-10 Xtreme and replaced the rear end with one from a Blazer so that I would have rear disc brakes. Now I have an issue with lengths of the e-brake cables. Do you know a company that fabricates these custom cables to length?
James Spurlock
Fort Worth, TX

Lokar offers e-brake cables, handles, brackets, etc. Check them out at

Hey guys,
I’m looking for the Envoy conversion kit for my ’99 Sonoma. I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find anything. Can you point me in the best direction?
Borger, TX

There are companies out there that offer kits but the best way to do the conversion both for fit and function is to purchase the parts from your local GM dealer.

Could you please explain this triple cantilever front suspension setup? It’s blowing my mind, my roommate’s mind, and my neighbor’s mind. We’ll all probably be up all night trying to figure this out. I tried Googling it and only bridges came up, so this is has blown Google’s mind too apparently. Thank you! Have a nice day :)
Keith Thompson
Ridgecrest, NC

Sounds like something from outer space haha! Not really, but in my opinion it’s best to keep suspension simple with less pivot points and levers. You can get plenty of lift even for some of the biggest wheels out there just by moving the arm pivots in closer to vehicle center line and moving the ’bag in there as well. If you gotta have the wildest stuff out there, anything is possible with the right amount of engineering. Good luck!