"Greetings From The Low-Rent District"
-Rod Serling, host/writer/creator of the Twilight Zone

Welcome back! I can just hear that eerie Twilight Zone theme playing as I type this. This month we’ll take a weird little trip into a strange dimension, and honestly, this issue has become a personal favorite of all the editions I’ve had the privilege of being a part of. The idea of a “bastard” truck issue has been long talked about here in the MT office, and it has finally arrived. Too bad we couldn’t use that word on the cover though. There’s just something about lawless, modernized, classic minitrucks that tickles me in places I never knew could be tickled before. Sounds weird, but it’s oddly true. Each feature truck reminds me a bit of Travis Bickle—Robert De Niro’s character in Taxi Driver. Angry, nuttier than squirrel poop, and out on a personal mission that nobody but their makers can truly understand. Not that I’m calling the all the guys who built these trucks renegade psycho loony toons (there may be an exception or two), but the machines they’ve created are definitely stone cold outsiders.

Leading the pack this month is Pat Cox’s Nissan Hardbody. I stumbled upon it while browsing Instagram out of all places, and was instantly struck dumb by its smooth yet threatening style. After posting a few comments scrambling to locate someone who could direct me to its owner, I was finally given the number to Paul’s place of business—KC Auto Worx, a name you should remember from last issue. While we’re on the subject of Instagram, I also met Mike McKinney, sole owner and operator of Dedicated Customs out of Louisville, Kentucky, and his pal and photographer Aaron Long through our common phone app usage. Mike builds nothing but “old sh*tboxes that cost $500, and can be DRIVEN to any show” as he says, and Aaron snaps nothing but killer photos. What a combo! Both guys let their respective work speak for itself, and if you want to take a good listen, flip to page 22 and tune in.

Oh, and the photo on this page is a lie. I actually did camp for a bit at Camp N’ Drag. I wish we could’ve printed all of the hilarious/lewd/downright frightening things fellow campers wrote on this sign throughout the weekend, but we have limited space and curse word censoring issues to worry about. Bum deal.

It’s so weird signing off from our December issue in the middle of August, but that’s exactly what I’m going to do now. Kick your feet up, crack open a cold one, and enjoy the issue. Meet you back here in roughly 720 hours. And the countdown starts … NOW!