"I truly wish to see the minitruck scene grow and prosper."
-Travis Dennison

This page is designed to allow me to write whatever is on my mind. Instead of going on hostile rants (which I do have to restrain from … constantly) or talking about things you probably couldn't give a half crap about, I tend to stay close to the topic at hand. I figure this is the best place to give you an inner circle look at the events that go on around our office while putting each issue together. This month, however, I'd like to take the spotlight off us, and shine it on this month's cover truck and its owner. There's a great story hidden behind the photos and in between the lines of the feature story that shouldn't go untold.

Now, I'd be lying if I told you that I'm best buds with Travis Dennison, the owner of the gorgeous Ranger on the cover. In fact, I hardly know him. Aside from the few hours I spent with him while shooting his truck at Showfest, and the handful of emails we've exchanged since then, I can only say a few things about the man. The first thought that comes to mind is that he's a cop. The reason why I instantly connect him to his badge is because right in the middle of the photo shoot, we had a run in with the local fuzz in Tunica, Mississippi. Apparently we were on private property blah, blah, blah, and the patrolling officer kindly asked us to leave. It happens. But I could see in Travis' face that he was worried because we had just started shooting, and he had a hell of a time racing to the location before the sun completely set. Surprisingly, Travis eventually sweet-talked the officer into letting us stay. Even more surprising, and a little weird, is that the officer actually hung out with us until we started packing up to leave. This is before I knew Travis worked for the law. He could've played the “I'm a cop” card instantly to try to buy us more time, but he didn't, which brings me to my next point.

Travis is a genuinely considerate and polite gent. People say that a lot about others to be friendly but this guy is the real deal. And there's an extremely passionate side to this guy that comes out when he talks about his truck. He's dumped so many years and so much money into it, and didn't really start to see the light through the tunnel until two years ago. Keep in mind, he's owned the truck since 1997. Eric Saliba of Little Shop of Horrors stepped in late in the game and played a key role in helping Travis complete his journey.

And the fuel that has kept Travis' passion to finish his truck burning hot for so long isn't an ego trip to have the best ride on the block, but a sense of pride to see it through. That, and his wife, Rachel, told him she wanted to ride in it on their wedding day. Obedience is a virtue, right Travis? All kidding aside, he says with all sincerity that the truck wouldn't be where it's at now without her.

Hopefully you got through that read without reaching for a Kleenex. Check out a few of the many photos Travis shared through his long and twisty road to completion.

See ya next month!
- Editor