One hundred bucks isn't really that much money at all…until you find 100 extra smackers that is. At this point, the options are limitless, and buying something you really don't need becomes the best part about the newfound cash. Now, there's nothing wrong with being el cheapo and buying a bunch of smaller things to stay under the bill budget but we're looking to blow our load on single items with this list. On that C-note, let's get blowin'.


The AlcoHawk Slim Ultra Breathalyzer is one of the more nondescript, attractive portable breath testers on the market. Heck, at price, you'll have enough change leftover to buy a round or two for you and your buds. Be responsible, now.

$105.00(OK, so you'll need a couple extra bucks for this one, cheapskate!)

With the iPro Lens case, this 2x telephoto lens snaps onto your iPhone4 and allows you to zoom in twice as close as before. Turn your cell into a show coverage maniac.


So this isn't a minitruck, but how cool would this shelf look in your garage? The tailgate even folds down, uncovering a hidden stash area in the bed where you can stash your [insert word] or your illegal [insert word]! (Filling in the blanks is the fun part with this one.)


Driving without tunes just doesn't make sense. For a cent shy of $100, Sony's GT570UP unit will grant you access to Pandora streaming radio, iPod and iPhone compatibility, and front USB and AUX ports for even more audio options. Don't think. Buy.


This compact, low-profile design from Pittsburgh features lightweight aircraft aluminum construction and lifts most vehicles in 3 ½ pumps thanks to the dual parallel Rapid Pump system.