Winter of 1989—I was 15 years old and stuck at my grandma’s house for the weekend with my mom, dad, little brother, an Alva skateboard, and a sketchpad. Too cold to go out and skate, I took advantage of any reason to leave Grandma’s house. That afternoon, I hopped in the front seat of my mom’s Olds Cutlass and tagged along with her to the grocery store in hope of grabbing a copy of the newest skater mag. Once inside, I went straight to the magazine rack and spotted a copy of Mini Truckin’ magazine. Something about the skater/surfer dude on the cover, a chick in a bikini, and a cool truck captivated my attention. I thumbed through the mag and was instantly intrigued—mesmerized, even. After a beg or two to my mom, I was off to Grandma’s with a box of Fruit Loops and a new obsession. I didn’t touch my board that entire weekend. Instead, I sat at an old desk flipping through that mag and drawing truck after truck. Each truck got crazier paint splats and graphics with any kooky color combo that Grandma’s pens, pencils, and markers would allow.

Here I am 23 years later writing a blurb for the very magazine that started it all. After being asked to start writing a monthly retrospect/throwback, I called my mom to thank her for buying that magazine for me that day and for always supporting my dreams and hobbies.

From here on out, I will be bringing you a blast from the past every issue. This month, I have pulled a favorite from that very issue—Winter 1989, Volume 2, Number 3, pages 28-29. This ’85 Nissan 720 named “Who Splattered Roger Rabbit?” sports custom paint and graphics, a hardtop Hot Tops convertible, solid mag wheels with spinners, and a tilt bed (not photographed). Though I was never a Roger Rabbit fan, I assume the name comes from the cartoon type paint splat on the hood and bedside. In a custom world of sophisticated airbrush methods, I wonder where all the paint splats have vanished. Maybe cleaned up by paint thinner or painted over for the next modern trend. One can only wonder. Personally, I hope to see some vivid colors and fun paint schemes making a comeback. Until then, I hope you enjoy the look back. And remember, build your ride to be original, not acceptable.