"For my senior project, I chose to organize a charity car show to help raise funds for the Loma Linda Ronald McDonald House" says Southern California high school student, Alisa Garcia. "I never realized how much effort and time goes into something like planning a car show, but man was I wrong. Originally I had set a goal of raising $500, then I raised it to $600, and by the end of the show on April 7th, I had a total of $724. Planning this event was not easy, as I did a lot of the work myself, but it wouldn't have been a success without help from my mom, members of No Regrets for the helpful advice, Odd Thomas and DJ Brian Jancekk for providing the entertainment, and everyone from Xtreme Lowz, Sunset, and Air Ride Equipped who came out to support the show. Also, thanks to Marc Willis who allowed me to have the car show at his venue free of charge."

Snail Mail
One thing we don't get is elaborate artwork from inmates in lock up. You think we would, but they probably have more to worry about than writing us. Luckily our readers on the outside take the time to whip up little drawings for us. Keep 'em coming fellas!

Holy crap, this may be the largest MT tattoo we've ever encountered! In an attempt to cover up a few back freckles, Nick Perricellia, from West Virginia, got this massive logo from shoulder to shoulder. Thanks for the ove, homie!

Well, how about this for change of pace? This photo, sent in by Ashleigh Bon, is quite possibly one of the (dare we say it?) "cutest" pieces of MT ink out there. Now, we don't toss that word around very much, especially not here in the magazine for all to read but there are lots of colorful little stars and a pretty pony next to our logo on her arm. What else are we supposed to say?!

Hard Luck
"I blew an air line one day while driving my truck, so I left it on the side of the road to go get a fitting to fix it but when I came back, it was gone" says Nick Cartwright of Chattanooga, Tennessee. "I soon found out that a tow truck dragged it all the way down the interstate to the next exit where it was then loaded up. The cab and bed were found a day later at an abandoned house in the middle of the ghetto and the frame with all my goodies on it are still MIA." There's no worse feeling than being a victim of auto theft, especially when said vehicle has been heavily customized. Hey, d-bag in the tow truck, build your own sh*t!!