MT: Why did you decide to make a two-part film?
Frenchy: In my opinion, The Catalyst was too long. We are hitting more shows now, and will have enough footage to produce two films that will run approximately 90 minutes each.

MT: Now, there are quite a few video companies out there putting out awesome work such as Cambered, Surface, Weekend Celebrity, and Grinder to name a few. Do you guys have any favorites? Be honest.
Frenchy: That's a tough one! There is no way I could narrow it down to just one. My first would have to be Domination the Video. Reason being that my first minitruck video was a Domination video and I will always have love for Oliver and his work!

As for current favorites, Crime Pays/Weekend Celebrity would have to be my favorite. They are producing some of the best quality work in our area and are some of the most down to earth guys around. I hope to see more films from them in the near future but I respect their decision to end the Crime Pays series.

KP: I'd have to say Weekend Celebrity Productions is my favorite. I love their style and flow and use that as an inspiration for my own work. Grinder would have to be my second choice. Their quality and experience is bar none but they have a different style than WCP. I <3 Brian though!

MT: So who are these bands you feature in your videos? We aren't too familiar with any of them, but we need to be.
Frenchy: I'm glad we can touch on this subject a little bit. We try to find local bands/artists looking to get more exposure outside of our area. To name a few that you might have heard recently are Distal, The Suspects, Tastebuds, Tinn Man, and Johnny Be Hood. Distal is no longer a band, but two members are in another band named Signum A.D. so be on the lookout for some new music from them in our upcoming film Inspired Lifestyle.

MT: So, Mr. French, you mentioned that SoLo Films is a full time gig for you now?
Frenchy: That's correct! Last summer I had a full time job at a machine shop here in town. I was let go due to the fact that I needed almost every weekend off for a truck show. To me, it was a sign to put my all into this company since I am so passionate about it. That was right after Camp N Drag in 2011. Since then, I have been able to travel to a lot more shows, meet a lot more badass people, and live "the dream". Currently, I am working on getting a wedding portfolio together to start doing wedding videos as well. That is my long-term goal—to be able to offer any type of video/film that anyone needs.

MT: Got any advice for guys and gals out there looking to break into the minitruckin' movie biz?
Frenchy: First thing I can advise is find yourself a decent HD camera. With technology changing everyday it's hard to keep up. The majority of people starting out will be posting their videos online, and your audience will want to see clarity. Next thing—education is at your fingertips. Utilize that and search tutorials and videos online to help learn different techniques and find your own style. Everyone is always looking to stand out and share their vision. Lastly, don't give up! Keep at it and keep watching all of your favorite minitruckin' inspired DVDs to keep you motivated. I will watch at least one minitruck DVD a day … SERIOUSLY!

MT: OK, it's almost time to sign off, any last words before we cut you off?
Frenchy: First, thank to all of our fans—without the love and support we get from them our success would mean nothing. Also, I would like to thank my staff, they deal with the good and the bad. Thanks to my fiancé Kristi, without her support, we would not have made it this far.! Thank you.

Finally, a big thanks to Mini Truckin' for this opportunity to give our fans a deeper look into our lives and see that we are somewhat normal people just trying to do our part to keep this thing we all love going. We try our best to portray the positive side of everything we do and hope everyone enjoys our viewpoint! Thanks again everyone and see you at the next show!