"Cocaine is a hell of a drug."
—Rick James

Well, so are minitrucks. They may not be as captivating as Colombian-grade booger sugar in the opinion of the late, great Mr. James but for the MT team, and all of you out there, it's a different story. This month, we've filled every single feature slot with an S-Series we think is one of the most innovative and clean out there on the road right now. Now that's something we're sure every S-10 junkie and mini fan in the world wants a taste of. But there's one Dime in particular we think one-ups them all.

The truck in question is none other than Jonathan Juarez's S-10—a little slice of badassery that he likes to call Pure Hatred. This Dime is stuck on beast mode 24/7, and the coolest thing about it just how much street time it actually sees. Jon drives and drags the piss out of it. It takes abuse and begs for more. As dysfunctional as this relationship of man and his machine might sound on some level, it really is a beautiful sight to see.

And to break up the S-10 monotony, we examine the case of two dudes who are busting both their asses and bank accounts to finish their builds before SEMA. Both projects are quite different from each other, but they share a very similar drive—to be the baddest minitruck in Vegas this fall. What makes this story that much more interesting is the fact that these boys in question is that they are close friends. We sweated them down a bit to squeeze as much information as we possibly could out of them. What we ended up with was a candid look at the progress they've made so far, and a better insight of what builders are willing to sacrifice in order to carve a gem from the rawest of materials.

Speaking of raw materials, our project LUV is progressing nicely. If you've been following along the last few issues, you've seen just how far this little junkyard treasure has come. In this issue, it receives a bodydrop treatment that any entry-level builder can apply in his own garage. Read up and take notes.

Don't take it the wrong way, but I think it's time to call it quits with all the typing for this month. It's Friday. It's sunny. No clouds in the sky. And it's 75 degrees. The time to take advantage of this gorgeous So Cal weather has come. We'll take a little breather and meet up next issue. Be good to each other.

Later gators!