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Subject: Hatin' is my Occupation

Dear Mini Truckin',
I was at the book store and saw a mini truckin' and i hadnt read on in YEARS. for many years it was my favorite magazine. i always had 2-3 copies on my in my mini and a stack of them in my bedroom. so i pulled out a subscription card took it home and thought i would take advantage of the year of mini truckin and the year of truckin for $20. filled in the info marked the bill me later box and after getting an issue of mini and 2 issues of truckin my excitement was killed. i felt like i was looking through almost nothing but advertising. where did all the articles, show coverage, and of course, girls in bikinis go? those are the things i looked forward to seeing in the magazine. i wont be sending in my $20 and you can cancel everything out.
Matt Dudley
Indianapolis, IN

Thank you. We think. We appreciate you opening your wallet and supporting us by subscribing, but we don't quite understand your gripes. We still have articles. The magazine is filled with them actually. Show coverage? Yep, we have that covered too. And bikinis? Go buy a Penthouse and really get your money's worth. Our main focus is minitrucks. Hope you stick around and let us keep your money! We might use it to get a Hustler subscription sent to our office. Thanks!

Tax Cash
Ebay Motors conducted a nationwide poll of 2,200 adult car owners expecting a tax return this year. 34 percent of them said at least part of their returns would be spent on vehicles in some way. 49 percent of that crowd will be opening their wallets for regular maintenance, 29 percent for repairs, 21 percent for a new or used vehicle purchase, and 14 percent will only be spending for cleaning/detailing services. How will you spend your refund?

Browsin' Around

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