When you paint your truck to match the Hooters logo, Hooters girls naturally flock to it. What a genius idea! Just ask Chris Ace, from Fraser, Michigan all about it. “The paint is the best part about my truck, I think. It used to be flat black. I built this truck to piss of my girlfriend, actually” he tells us. Well, we’re sure nothing in the world would anger your ex more than seeing your truck get some worldwide exposure, and the hotties sitting all over it are definitely the cherries on top. Glad we could be of service. Photos by John Tavernier.

Trevor Bradfield, from the cold land of Canada, emailed in to share a few of his tattoos. The Ranger seen here is what his truck looked like before he tore it all down to build it from the frame up. Stay tuned for the final results. Artwork by Jamie Izumi of Tora Tattoo. (Below Right) "It's made to look like it was plasma cut out of metal, hope to see it in the mag', says Eric Cash. All we can say is MINI TRUCKIN’ FOR LIFE! Thanks for the love.