For three decades now, Belltech has been at the forefront of lowered truck suspension. From drop spindles and coils, leaf springs and blocks, to shocks and C-notches, Belltech has it all, and then some. We recently toured Belltech's Sanger, CA, compound and spoke to brand manager Roel Garza about the company's rich history and what's to come in the future.

Mini Truckin': Belltech has been in the suspension game a long time, since 1983 to be exact, correct? Any minis in the first product line up?
Roel Garza: Yeah, 30 years of dropping 'em the right way! Belltech was a product of Super Bell Axle—the street rod axle company. They did the first foundry dropped spindle for us that started the trend that we all live for today! We have always supported the minitrucker with parts for the S-10 and Hardbody models were in some of the first official catalogs.

MT: Aside from the great performing products Belltech has been known for all these years, our favorite part of your company's history might be the old school advertisements. High rising bikini bottoms, teased hair, spray-on tans, cool trucks—great stuff. Can we look forward to more ad campaigns like these again?
Roel: Yeah, talk about back in the day! Those ad campaigns targeted a very specific buyer and even though we may have a broader customer base now, you never know what might turn up in the future!

MT: So, walking around this facility in Central California took longer than we thought. What is the approximate square footage here?
Roel: Our North American headquarters sits on seven acres and our building is 120,000 sq. ft.

MT: So what all goes down in that massive space? We saw the engineering and R&D area, photo studio, and product storage space, but what other day-to-day business is done on-site?
Roel: In a nutshell, our entire operation is housed in this location. So you are right, on any given day we might be designing parts, doing hands on R&D work, shooting catalog pages, processing coilover shock rebuilds in our tech lab or just doing the day to day shipping, marketing and customer service that running a suspension company requires.

MT: As far as the tried and true static lowering products, what continues to be the top sellers year in and year out?
Roel: We are proud that our entire line up continues to sell each and every day but our S-10 and Hardbody spindle continues to run strong. It's like those trucks don't die, they just get passed on to the next owner where they are rebuilt better and lower!

MT: Oh yeah, those trucks will be the last thing left on Earth after the Armageddon! We noticed in the Belltech catalog that there's an Airjack suspension kit designed to serve as a tow helper. Are there any talks of Belltech designing and branding air suspension products aimed at bringing trucks down to the ground?
Roel: We support everything that the "bagged" community does and we are proud that they use our drop spindles and lowering specific shocks in many builds from the DIY guy to the full custom shop, but we will stick to what we do best and keep supplying the best static drop parts available.

MT: Any development of products that will be new to the mini truck world?
Roel: I don't know, sounds like you are looking for some inside trade secrets! We will always strive to lower anything that we can get our hands on, so when the new trucks hit the streets you can bet you will see one in the R&D lab at Belltech!

MT: Well, that's a good enough answer for us! Ok well, think we're out of questions for now. Anything you'd like to inform our good readers about?
Roel: First off, we want to thank all of our loyal customers over the years, we are well into the dual generation customers and this point and looking forward to the first round of Belltech "grandkids" that will be building groundbreaking and jaw-dropping rides. Without their support we wouldn't be around today. Keep your eyes peeled over the next year as Belltech turns 30! We have some great things planned to make it a memorable anniversary!