"That's when you gotta sh*t your pants, dive in, and swim."
–Joe Cabot from Reservoir Dogs

Man, oh man, the past month spent putting this issue together has done a huge number on the nerves. In the last week of putting everything together, we found out that we are losing a valued member of the MT staff. Kevin Hagan, our managing editor of three years is spreading his wings and taking flight into the big world. Although we will miss his impersonations, stellar editing skills, and his vast expertise in whatever else he claims to do around here, we wish him best of luck. And besides losing a good dude around the office, my hard drive containing tons of magazine materials decided to take a steamy, smelly poop. It's toast. Things could be worse I guess.

While we're on the topic of crap, the guy sitting on the ol' throne here is Art Gomez of GO EZ Inc. While shooting the shop for this month's Inner View installment, we couldn't help but notice that this guy spends more time in the little boy's room than anywhere else in his building. For all five of you who actually read this column, you may remember me saying last month that I was going to try to deliver a photo of a chick with her panties down but this is as good as it's gonna get. I'm very sorry.

How does that old saying go? Every cloud has a silver lining? Well, we did one better by lining ours with billet—a lot of it. Ernie Macias' Mitsu tucks 22 inches worth of the stuff at all four corners. But with what seems to be a trend this month, he had some bad luck of his own as you can see here. Ouch! Hey, that's the risk you take with a SEMA truck built for the road. Tough break, Ernie, but the truck took it like the champion it is.

To brighten our own day though, we packed this issue with a ton of sweet stuff that is sure to put a pervy smile on your face too. We have a longbed Dime that's been hacked up and fitted with a Carson top, a gorgeous Mazda from the far-off land of Canada, Lone Star Throwdown coverage, and the second installment of our Chevy LUV project—it's almost ready to be 'bagged and bodydropped! Check out its progress on page 38.

Relief has finally set in after writing these brief paragraphs though. It's the cheapest form of anger management and therapy I know of. Hope reading this page didn't drive you to drinking! Not that there's anything the least bit wrong with that. Bottoms up!