GO EZ Inc.
4110 E. La Palma
Anaheim, CA 92807
(714) 474-6339

Catching up with Art Gomez of GO EZ these days isn't easy. He's been keeping busy with relocating his full custom shop across town in Anaheim, California, and is fresh off the open-house high that happened just a few weeks prior to this writing. The time has come to swing the front doors way open and go back to business as usual. But before the open sign was officially hung, MT's camera was invited to take a tour of GO EZ's new home command center.

Mini Truckin': What's up Art? We've wondered this for a while, so where did the name GO EZ come from? Got anything to do with your last name (GOmEZ)?
Art: Yes, it did.

MT: So how long have you been in business for yourself?
Art: Not very long, I've been doing this for at least 7 years—and 8 years before with M.I.C.

MT: You're no noob then. For the good people out there who don't know yet, what does GO EZ specialize in?
Art: Air ride and hydros, lowering and lift kits, tube work, sheetmetal, and fab work. Basically, we bend, weld and shape metal on the daily.

MT: Right on. Well, it's no secret that you've always been a fan of camo and military style, but what's up with the design of your new shop? With the stockpile of guns, ammo, and war memorabilia that seems to be lurking at every corner, visiting your shop kind of feels like hiding out in the trenches of battle or something.
Art: Haha, I've always liked the military and I give it up to our troops. This time around we are heavily rockin' camo, and you can always use a few guns for the zombie apocalypse!

MT: Yeah those zombies are going to be one big pain in the ass! OK, so your toy collection is actually rather enviable. How long have you been collecting all of it?
Art: I've been into it awhile but a lot of the new stuff is from a friend of mine, "Military Joe."

MT: OK, back to business. Your work is a pretty big hit in Japan. How did you get started selling GO EZ–branded minivan body kits out there?
Art: One day a gentlemen named Mr. Kato from Liberty Walk saw the bus we built and has wanted our stuff ever since then. We've since teamed up to bring it big in Japan.

MT: Pretty cool! By now, most of our readers have seen your creations, what other exciting projects are you working on at the moment?
Art: We have a '38 rat rod, '64 Cadillac, a Suburban dualie—yep, that's right, a 'Burban dualie called the Iceburb!

MT: Yeah, yeah, yeah, let's hear about minitruck stuff now!
Art: Sh*t, fine! We have a bodydropped 4Runner on hydros, the frame was built by our guy Dave Engle, and we have that roadster S-10 you guys featured a few issues back.

MT: That's more like it! So your shop just had its big open house, and the turnout was great. You even debuted a new hairstyle for the occasion. At this point in your life, how the hell did you settle on a mohawk?!
Art: It's a FAUXHAWK! I pity the foo, haha! I went from a mullet to this. I think I finally hit my mid-life crisis.

MT: Ha! Good luck with that. OK we're starting to get bored now. Anything you'd like to get off your chest? Praise? Complaints? Anything? Now's the time!
Art: I like to thank everyone who has ever been part of the GO EZ family. My dad, my brother Yuta, my girl Carrie, my boys Nick and Max, my other boys Neil, Jorge, Grant, Dave, Casey, Rich, Chris, Josh, Scotty, Scott P., Big Scot, Mike, Jason, Jeremy, and everyone who has been there thick and thin! And thanks to Mr. Kato for taking GO-EZ to another level. Love all of you!