Murray Komant grew up on a farm. Yep, no fooling. Instead of taking interest in farm life, he looked to his uncle's big-block cars for distraction as well as inspiration. Murray wanted to ride motorcycles, not horses. "In high school I was failing my art class and my teacher asked, ‘Can't you draw anything but cars?' My answer was always, ‘Yeah, but why?'"

Here's what Murray has to say about his latest batch of insightful renderings. To see more of his work, visit

1. "Don't freak out—this isn't a fullsize Blazer, it's an S-10 with the roof cut off to make a cool beach cruiser. A square-body front end, taillights, and chrome trim create a smaller square-body look."

2. "How about a gasser-style Ford Ranger Splash complete with front spindle mounts and huge rear Halibrand wheels? Go with heavy gold flake for a '60s/'70s vibe. I'm thinking a twin-turbo small-block under the teardrop hood."

3. "Let's call this Datsun the Kong Kab. Need more room? Let's stretch a King Cab, give it fully functional rear doors and you have enough room for whatever you want to use it for."

4. "This tribute to the BRE Datsuns would be just the ticket to take on all the muscle cars at the autocross. Big bubble flares covering healthy race rubber should give ample bite, and an Infiniti V-8 should provide the bark!"

5. "If you need a work van, how about the new Ford Transit? Simple enough—lower it, add big wheels, and put a wrap on it (pun intended)."

Hard Luck
Hey fellas,
I see these hard luck stories, and I know how these guys feel. I know you guys are super busy and lots of people send y'all stuff, but here's my story. About four years ago I tried to get in Hard Luck of Month, but I never heard anything back. Anyway, my shop burnt down with my S-10 inside it. Hope you can use these photos in the magazine.

Chris Campbell

Wow, what a disaster! Looks like there was very little, if anything, that was salvageable. And you were just starting to make some progress on your Dime. Hope you have another workspace up running! Watch those sparks, bro!

A Beacon of Light Sent From Above

I have been reading your magazine since I was 9 years old, and much to my wife's dismay, I still have almost every issue. I bought my S-10 at 19 years old, and now that I'm 28 years old, I finally decided to man up and 'bag it. Things were going really well, my buddy was doing all the welding and I was getting some good practice in. It was going great until yesterday. I was drilling some holes for my lower bar mounts when the corded drill caught and spun my hand around faster than I can even blink. I figured I would just take an "ouch break" then get back to work, but then I noticed a couple of my knuckles were in the wrong place. Just as I was leaving for the hospital to get a professional opinion, I noticed the mailman had just been by so I stopped by the mailbox. Like a beacon of light sent from above, it was my brand-new issue of Mini Truckin' for me to take to the waiting room. It really sucks that my right hand is busted and might need surgery, but I just wanted to write and say thank you for easing the pain of my minitruck-induced injury. My truck and I may be laid up for a couple months, but things could be worse. So, Mini Truckin', thanks for being you and thanks for being there for me.
Matt McAfee

Sucks to hear about your little accident. Ouch! Was the doctor able to save all of your knucks? We'd like to take credit for having that issue delivered to you in your precise time of need, but we can't. That sounds like sheer fate, which is actually cooler anyway. Thanks for your dedication to our humble magazine, Matt! Let that busted meathook of yours heal up and get back at it! It's the only way.