Metal Worx Inc.
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This month we talk to Kory Bertsch and Trevor Matthews of Metal Worx Inc., one of North Carolina's premier custom shops. Air ride, bodydrops, fabrication—they do it all and they do it right. Kick your feet up, read up on these talented fellers, and give 'em a call first thing in the morning

Mini Truckin': A/S/L?
Trevor: 26/BEAST/Anderson Creek, NC
Kory: 28/Male/Hope Mills, NC

MT: What's going on, buds? Thanks for making time for us this month. So, how's business?
Kory: Business is going good: lots of projects going on. Parts sales have been steadily growing, so we can't complain, especially with the way the economy is going.

MT: We've met you two before, but how many other employees make up the Metal Worx staff?
Kory: Chad and Lori Bertsch own the place, then Trevor and I, and Bobby Pyles. We're a tight-knit family.

MT: How long has the shop been in business?
Kory: August 10th of this year will be 5 years.

MT: We've been seeing more and more work from you guys lately it seems. Why should the everyday dude with a truck spend his hard-earned loot with Metal Worx?
Kory: We take pride in our work. Every project that comes in is treated like it was our own. We ask ourselves, "Would we be happy with that finished project?" There are no games with us—we are an honest, family-run business always going the extra mile to make the customer happy. If our customers aren't happy at the end of the day, we wouldn't have the opportunity to continue to do what we love to do.
Trevor: Customer relationship is important to us a day, a month, or even a year later—we want to know you are satisfied and happy with the service we provided.

MT: For those who don't know, what does Metal Worx specialize in besides those awesome Photo of the Day updates on your Facebook page?
Kory: We specialize in air-ride suspension, custom metal fabrication, one-off chassis, snazzy aluminum fuel cells—in other words, we are professionals at cutting up your ride.

MT: While we're on the topic of those Facebook pics, who are these chicks sending in all those booty shots anyway? We must be doing something wrong because none of our female readers send us photos of their luscious hams.
Trevor: It started off as posting one pic and it just got out of hand. Now, they come in daily, and we are suckers for a nice ham, and our fans/supporters love it that we share—that's why we continue to do it! Wouldn't you like to sit down at your desk in the morning and the first 100 emails you read contain nothing but photos of hot ladies? Who needs coffee?

MT: Still jealous. OK, new topic. Anything new and exciting in the works? We've heard some rumors about a super-cool dualie S-10. Can you give us any details on that?
Kory: Yeah, it's currently in the shop. It's been an on-and-off project for a little over three years now. It's a pretty cool truck: It's packing an LS1, the cab is originally from Brazil, and it's rocking six wheels—no phantoms on this one!

MT: Trevor, on a side note that has nothing to do with trucks, we think you're a humungous weirdo. Maybe you're just misunderstood. Do you have anything to say about this?
Trevor: That's why Randy's mom loves me. I can actually jump rope without needing a jump rope. So is this my shout-out section? If so, I would like to say heeey to all the single moms out there who like puppies! Facebook me, babygirls!

MT: OK, so we were right about you. Last but not least, how can the good people out there reach you? And by "reach" we mean contact. And by "contact" we mean an innocent, business-related phone call or inquiry. No weirdness.
Trevor: Our shop number is pretty popular, I can be reached directly at, and our general email address is If those don't work, find one of our 20 Facebook pages.

MT: Thanks guys, hopefully this little story will drum up some more business for the shop. If it doesn't, we tried. Oh well.