It's been a long, boring winter, and the time to hit the open highways is finally here again. Aside from the usual cargo items like multiple cases of booze, an E-Z Up, basic tools, and an extra 'bag or two, you could probably benefit from bringing a couple of the items on these pages with you to the next show you hit.

With what looks like more shows popping up this season, it couldn't hurt to shell out a couple bucks and make the most of your time on the road.

Pocket Photography

The iPro Lens System transforms your iPhone into a versatile picture-taking machine. Just slip the included case onto your phone, twist on the fisheye or wide-angle lens (both come with the kit), and get to snapping. The lens carrying case also doubles as a tripod adapter.

Everlasting Light

Coast Portland's new HP7 flashlight is small enough to stuff in your pocket but still puts out a staggering 251 lumens at full power. That's pretty damn bright, especially if you're broken down in the middle of nowhere at night. Switching between spot to flood beams is as easy as moving your fingertip.

Mix Up

The MIXTRAX technology featured on Pioneer's new line of single- and double-DIN head units do something like no other. MIXTRAX takes music from your iPhone, iPod, or USB/SD device and plays it back while adding transitions and effects, making a non-stop, virtual DJ mix. Perfect for a long road trip.

Rad Bag

Chrome's Niko camera bag has been tough to keep in stock since it was released about a year ago. It's weatherproof, heavily padded, has a quick-release buckle, and is guaranteed for life. It's relatively small size is deceptive as the Niko comfortably holds a DSLR body, multiple lenses, a flash, and whatever else you'd need for a full day of shootin'.

Super Sprays

3M's new Auto Essential cleaners and wax lineup is perfect for any road trip, especially if you plan on showing your truck at your final destination. Remove bugs, grime, and general crap from paint, wheels, and interior; restore a deep black shine to tires, rubber, and vinyl; and recapture that just-waxed look and feel with these easy-to-use products.


Black & Decker's portable jump starter has saved our asses on the road before, and it could very well get yours out of a pickle too. The 500 instant starting amps will get you off the side of the road and back on the highway in no time. An integrated 120-psi inflator is perfect for topping off a low tire or an air mattress or blow-up doll if you're doing some camping and feeling lonely at the show.

Road Rash

Didn't have time or cash to take care of some bodywork before hitting the road? That's no reason to feel embarrassed—it happens. Slap one of these big ass bandages on to mask the problem area and get a few laughs out of it.

Stash and Grasp

Available in a 6- and 8-inch size, Craftsman's next-generation folding Clench Wrench ratchet is perfect for emergency repairs. Buying both sizes allows access to bolts 1/4- to 3/4-inch and metric sizes 6-19mm. This little gem's collapsible head folds into the handle, and a unique, spring-loaded jaw design allows for quick ratcheting action.

Sh*t Happens

When you gotta go, you gotta go! With Graham Tool's all-in-one porta-crapper package you'll be able to dodge a close call while keeping some dignity intact. The works kit comes complete with a 5-gal bucket, toilet seat cover, 6 waste bags, a TP tissue 10-pack, and Graham's specially formulated Crap Eater solution that digests and deodorizes poop and piss like no other.

Fresh Breath

The air quality inside the cab of a minitruck filled with two or more dudes is sure to be polluted, especially after a long day of driving and a lunch stop at Jose's roadside taco stand. To clear the air, make sure to stock up on a few of Armor All's new line of refreshing scents.