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Rumor Mill
According to AOL's Autoblog, Scion is considering building a Daihatsu-based pickup for the U.S. market. Jack Hollis, president of Scion, is very interested in dipping into the small-truck market but did not specify whether or not it will be something that will hit the streets any time soon.

We doubt this news means seeing Scion-badged Toyota Tacomas at the dealerships or XBs with hacked off rear sections—that would just be lame. Hollis says that in an ideal world, Scion would partner up with Daihatsu to create an entirely new model. We won't hold our breath just yet, but our eyes and ears are wide open.

Cc... none
Subject: Get me my issue ASAP!!!!!

Dear Mini Truckin',
I've been on the hunt throughout many different stores and have had no luck finding Mini Truckin' mag. So I decided I would subscribe. I later found out from a friend that I probably would not receive the February 2012 issue (“Asphalt Assassin”). Is there any info you can give me on a supplier I might be able to find this at? Or let me know for sure if I will or will not be receiving this issue with my subscription? If I won't be, am I able to order it as a back issue? Thanks for your time.

Myles Chambers
Duncan, B.C., Canada

Well, it's hard to say what the magazine's distribution is in your area, but it's always a good move to have it delivered straight to your doorstep. And as far as new issues, you'll just have to wait to see what turns up in your mailbox. More than likely, you'll be started off with the most current issue, but don't fret. You can order MT back issues at SIMbackissues.com. If the issue you are looking for doesn't come up on screen, log into the site using your mailing address or account number and hit up customer service. They'll hook you up with whatever you need, sir.

And just for spending your funny-colored money with us and writing in, we'll send you this Columbus Circle BluRay/DVD combo pack from our friends at Universal.

The People's Choice
We opened up the polls on www.minitruckinweb.com for our readers to cast their votes for the best truck, show, and club of 2011. This is how you voted: Brandon Perry's '96 Tacoma, “Chump Changed,” took home best truck with 46% of the vote, Heritage claimed best show honors with 24%, and club of 2011 went to Freaks of Nature with a 52% victory. Thanks for voting!

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