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By the time this issue reaches your hands, it should be 2012. Happy New Year! Hopefully 2011 was a successful string of 365 days for you, and if not, the slate has been wiped clean again so hit the gym more, eat healthier, quit smoking, and do yourself a favor by canceling your porn site subscriptions. There’s so much free smut available online these days, your money would be better spent on truck parts anyway.

It seems like everything that could go wrong did while working on this issue. Not to say that the issue suffered at all in the process, it was just a struggle from start to finish, but the MT crew came out on top like always. SEMA ended just six days ago at the time of this writing, and while the trip to Vegas did stop us dead in our tracks for the better part of a week, seeing the amazing mini debuts there gave us some much needed inspiration for the year ahead of us. OK, enough of the sob story, I’ll save the rest for my diary.

By now you must’ve noticed Debbie Balusek’s super clean Tacoma on the cover. Her and her husband Coy have been working on it for a while now and actually debuted it with us at SEMA ’10. They’ve done a few things to it here and there since then, but they finally got the sleek little bugger dialed in perfectly. Jason “Pugz” Walker found the coolest/creepiest spot he could find to shoot it too. If you don’t recognize the backdrop, that beat-up wooden building was used in the 2003 remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. And not only did Pugz capture an awesome cover shot, it is his first ever cover shot, so congrats go out to him as well as the Baluseks.

In other news, we have an insider’s look at Laodies Kustomz in Douds, Iowa. Von and his brother Jason run the little shop that pumps out mini after mini for their customers. And since we are fresh off our SEMA trip, we couldn’t help but put together a wish list of some of the coolest parts and tools that will be hitting the market soon. Make sure to browse through the goods on page 44.

Hope you enjoy the issue! And as always, if you have any questions, complaints, or praise, feel free to send it all to

See ya next month!


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