Hard Luck
In the Line of Fire

My dreams of owning a show-worthy minitruck and having it shown in your Ridin’ Around section were shattered—on my birthday of all days. Some a-hole in a 1-ton Dodge pulling a toy-hauler decided to turn from the passing lane off the road right in front of me when I was on my way back in base from physical therapy. So not only did I get to spend my birthday in the emergency room, but my truck was totaled. Keep up the good work. Your magazine is the only reason I bought my truck, I never owned a "lowrider" until I started reading it.
SPC Bryce Watts
Ft. Irwin, CA
U.S. Army

SPC Watts,
We can’t express enough how much these photos bum us out. Hopefully you’ll start looking for another mini to work on soon. Thanks for sending us the evidence, and thanks for your service.

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Guys & Gals of Mini Truckin',
I’ve been a subscriber for a while and I always have and always will love the magazine! First the good. I love the show coverage (I live in the Midwest so I love seeing what happens on both coasts). Can’t get enough of the Lyfestyle section either. I love seeing the tats, clothes, hard luck of the month, etc. It just covers everything about the mini culture! Out of the Lyfestyle pages though, the tattoo section is my personal favorite. I am currently getting my funds together to start my own minitruck-related sleeve!
So in short you all are doing an amazing job!
Walker Ayers

Thanks for the props! This Lyfestyle page is one that we have a great time putting together every month. It’s kind of a no-holds-barred outlet for us to feature the stuff that speaks to us like art, ink, and everything else in between. Send over some photos when you get going on your sleeve. Later, Walker!


"I was raised in Duncan, Oklahoma. My mom was an art teacher, so I was born to be an artist. I never had a choice," says artist Gerald "Whataburger" Martin.

If you didn’t know, this guy is kind of a big deal. Along with knocking out killer automotive renderings, he has branched out to create artwork for companies such as Pepsico, Miller, Apple, and Budweiser under his company name Whatadesigns. And speaking of the king of beers, Gerald claims that he currently holds two Guinness world records for drinking. As impressive as that claim to fame is, we dig the fact that Gerald has had countless minitruck builds and is currently rocking a slammed ’98 Blazer as his family car.

To view more of Gerald’s extensive portfolio, log on to www.whatadesigns.com.

Our club, Modified Lifestyles, is a small group in Everett, Washington. I started this club last year with four members, and now we have sixteen. We don’t all have show trucks or million-dollar builds. Most of our trucks are drivers, and we just like to have a good time with our families and friends.
Ernie Murillo