Best of 2011 - Show of the Year

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  • Relaxed Atmosphere All Star Event
  • West Coast Nationals
  • Camp N Drag
  • Midwest Mayhem
  • Scrapin The Smokies
  • Spring Break Jam
  • Texas Heatwave
  • Summer Slam
  • Sicknic
  • Kill Switch
  • Pandemonium
  • Scrapin’ The Coast
  • Slamfest
  • Heritage
  • Sparks in the Ozarks
  • Scr8pfest
  • Last Resort
  • Dropsicles Sideshow
  • Grounded 4 Life’s One Day Slam
  • Relaxin’ At The Rock
  • Fall Fest
  • Battle Drag
  • Show Me Showdown
  • Southeast Minitruckin Nats
  • Bring The Noize
  • Slamology
  • Dropt and Destroyed
  • Turkey Drag
  • Forbidden Fantasy
  • Lay’d Out At The Park
  • Danger Zone
  • Severed in the Southwest
  • Showfest
  • Relaxin’ on the Bayou
  • Tex Mex
  • Relaxin’ in So Cal
  • The Gathering
  • Spring Fling
  • Drop Em Wear Show
  • Cruise to the Pines
  • Southeast Showdown
  • Slamily Reunion
  • Down To Earth Day
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Show of the Year

John Mata Jr.
MT Editor

I seriously thought this show was going to get cancelled due to the Mississippi River flood, but the Assorted crew stuck to their guns and did an excellent job keeping everyone posted on daily weather conditions. The rising waters did scare off lots of people, which made the turnout a little more intimate for those who did make it out to Harrah's.

Chris Pasley
MT Art Director

Thanks to the Assorted Minis guys for seeing the show out even with the rising floodwaters threatening to strike.

Chad Cooper
Contributing Writer

After Mother Nature tried her hardest to shut this show down, the Assorted Minis crew rose above and beyond the flood lines to produce an awesome event.

Adam Dobbs
Contributing Writer/Photographer
Layd Out at the Park

For it being one of the first shows of the year, it pulls in some major numbers! This year's show had around 750 vehicles and about 2,500 spectators. People from all over the East Coast come out to this show.

Drop 'Em Wear?
Contributing Photography
Layd Out at the Park

Amazing location, amazing staff, and just an all around amazing show! Jeffrey and Jessica Dillard, along with their hard-working crew, throw one hell of a show!

Josh Fleetwood
Contributing Writer/Photographer
Slamily Reunion

This show is a great time for the high-quality rides that show up, the location, the people that drive for hours just to hang out, and the crazy, sleepless nights that happen every year.

Johnny O
Contributing Writer/Photographer
Forbidden Fantasy

The only thing that could make this show better is if they figured out how to make it a weekend-long truck run. Every other aspect of the show works like a well-oiled machine.

Kevin Aguliar
Contributing Photographer
Tex Mex

I have witnessed this event grow from a small benefit to become the huge multi-day event it is now. The guys in Severed Ties brought back the days of river runs.

Surface DVD
Contributing Photography
West Coast Nationals

West Coast Nats is the West's biggest and best true river run. Three days and two nights of fun, friends, warm sunshine and cool river waters, and some of the most amazing trucks from all over the country.