Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don't mind. –Dr. Seuss

I wish I could take credit for finding this quote myself, but I actually found it on Dick DeLoach's Facebook page, and it actually fits him perfectly because he is all about being himself and saying exactly what's on his mind. Now, some of you may recognize his name, since he has worked for almost every single automotive magazine over the years including DUB, Lowrider, and Truckin', but the reason why we combed through his 37-year editorial background is because of a little magazine he founded back in ’85 called Mini Truck News. This grassroots publication, which was inked on newsprint, gave a voice to the uprising Southern California minitruckin' culture and was written for minitruckers by minitruckers. Turn to page 42 and cruise back in time to see how this magazine quickly became "The People's Paper."

While we’re on the topic of speaking freely, our cover trucks this month owned by Phil Fowler and Tommy Pearson declare their existence to others on the road with their low stance, shiny paint, and unfiltered street style. Some may take one quick look at these guys and write them off as punk kids, but they’ve been perfecting their trucks for a combined total of nearly 20 years. That’s a ton of sleepless nights, splitting headaches, and crippled bank accounts. Those who get it know the score. Those who don’t can kick rocks.

And it just dawned on us that Christmas is right around the corner. Holy hell, where has this year gone? In a last-minute effort to lead you to some of the most badass gift ideas we could think of, we put together a wish list of goodies we'd want to see under our tree. But don’t rely on Santa to get any of this stuff for you because he doesn’t exist. So try sweet-talking your sweetheart or your mom into buying them for you instead.

See you guys next month. Happy holidays!