"I had no idea Canada could be so fun." —Bruce Willis

Yippeekiay, motherlover! If Mr. Diehard can have a blast while visiting America's hat, you'd better believe partying with Canadian minitruckers is a far better time. I was lucky enough to be invited out to Alberta, Canada, for Dropsicles Sideshow, and I’d have to say it was really the most fun I’ve had in a while. Molson Canadian? Oh yeah, that’s a good beer! Tim Horton’s Double-Double? Good stuff! Although back home I’m used to ordering a Double Double and getting a burger in return instead of the best cup of coffee I’ve ever tasted, but hey, it’s Canada.

Now, minitruckers are pretty much the same the world over with a few exceptions, of course. While in Canuckland, I did my best to observe the differences between Canadian and American minitruckers. The first thing I noticed was pronunciation. The fellas up north use the soft “a” when saying Maazda and Daatsun and they use the term “box” when referring to what us living in the States call a truck’s bed. These two had me giggling the most. When talking about something that has gone bad or is getting ridiculously out of hand, they use “gong show” to express the chaotic or simply lame situation. They have “washrooms” instead of bathrooms or restrooms, I heard the term for a window decal being thrown around as a “deckle,” someone called an undercover police vehicle a “ghost car,” and to go for a cruise would be a “boot.” Oh, and they really do say, “eh.” So in an attempt to string all of these new terms together, I’ll do my best to form a couple authentic Canadian sentences. OK, here goes: “Me and my buddy went for a boot around town in his short-box Maazda, but our fun was cut short when we were pulled over by a ghost car. He must have thought we were trouble-makers based on the looks of the deckle on the rear window. It turned into a real gong show, eh. Worst part about it is that I really had to use the washroom!” More or less, that’s pretty much how it would go. Please don’t hate me, Canadians!

But all joking aside, I would like to say thank you to J.D. and Tammy Zajicek for putting me up in their house for a few days and shuttling me around in their badass Chevy dualie for what turned out to be close to an entire week. Thank you to the Dropsicles club for the warm welcome and for putting together a pretty cool show. It was great to make some new friends and to finally match up some actual faces to the Facebook profiles. I hope to be back for Sideshow 2012!

And for those looking for an excuse to travel north of the border, take a look at the shows going on up there, get a passport, and make the trip! You’ll be glad you did.