No Mild, Just Wild

Hot damn, these VW renderings from Rodrigo Chicon are crazy! The Type 2 Bulli bus, as the concept design has been coined, is what we would call a Microbus here in the States. Chicon illustrates under the name DRX Designs and pretty much nails every single vehicle he takes to his digital drawing board. Hyper-realistic and extremely innovative best describes this man’s work. Hit him up at for more info, and make sure to browse through his complete gallery at


Permanent Pride

Daniel Callahan from Stanford, Kentucky, flashed us a piece he’s had done to mirror the truck he and his wife have been slaving over to get finished for years. Check back soon for the full feature.

Scope the Scene

Creepin’ Online

Tons of merch, show coverage, and personal accounts of life in the minitruckin’ scene. Go to www.minitruckscene.comfor the full experience.


Photo Worth the Money? You Decide.

James Hammer from Long Island, New York, was caught running a red. What’s worse is that he was squealed on by those annoying red light cameras! Getting a ticket and shelling out hard-earned clams always sucks, but having the proof of the event in the form of an in-focus, well-lit mugshot is kind of worth the money in some weird, twisted way. Here’s the official evidence provided to Mr. Hammer by the authorities. Looks like he made a compete stop behind the line to us! What do you think?