These intricate hand-drawn designs come straight from the mind and hands of Jake Meadows—a 21-year-old car and truck fanatic from Orlando, Florida. Jake adores all types of vehicles no matter how many wheels they are rolling on or what shape or what kind of badges they wear. Anything is fair game as far as Jake’s creativity is concerned, and although he hasn’t broken into the automotive art business just yet, he is keeping his colored pencils to paper and is taking things at his own speed: “Of course I still keep my dream of owning my own shop one day where I can sit in an office, design, and make these vehicles in my mind come to life right before my eyes.”

If you prefer hand-drawn renderings over digital artwork and want to help a young, dedicated artist hungry to break through into his dream career, give Jake a shout at

Hard Luck
As many of you have already heard about the tornado-caused devastation in Joplin, Missouri, some of you may not have seen the direct damage it caused within the minitruckin’ community. Unfortunately, Guilty By Design’s headquarters was not spared by the wave of destruction. Ken Standish, a GBD customer, had checked in his ’73 Ford Courier for Kyle Dimetroff to work his sheetmetal magic on, but those plans were cancelled on May 22, 2011, when the F5 tornado leveled one-third of the town.

Not being the types to stay down after a beating, the GBD crew is slowly getting back on their feet. Please give them a holler to see if there is anything you or your club can do to lend a hand. They are looking for parts they lost to take the first forward steps toward business as usual. Look them up on Facebook, or hit up Kyle directly at