“I always tried to turn every disaster into an opportunity.”
John D. Rockefeller

What’s up, everybody? Hope this issue finds you in the middle of an exciting summer. By now, you should’ve at least hit up one show whether it was just a local event or one of the big boys that required somewhat of a road trip. If not, there’s still plenty of time—hopefully before gas prices hit five bucks a gallon! Holy crap, that’s a depressing thought, isn’t it? Sadly, we’re all just going to have to deal with that bit of reality and find our happy place, which for most of you should be car shows. Ration your pennies, smash your kid’s piggy bank, fill up the tank, and hit the road already. Show promoters are doing their best to keep this custom culture alive and thriving, so do your best to make it out to support them.

One show that already ran into a major struggle this year was ShowFest. We understand that organizing a show of any size is a huge ordeal, but first imagine planning the second installment of the resurrection of one of the largest shows in the country. Oh yeah, and factor in attracting attendees despite the record-setting, catastrophic flooding of the Mississippi River that is happening literally across the road from the showgrounds. The Assorted Minis crew faced just this as they battled Mother Nature and had to live down fright-inducing weather reports being broadcast on every major television network in the country, all while planning a last-minute move of the entire event to a completely different location than originally scheduled. Luckily, the levee withstood the rising river level, the forecasted thunderstorms didn’t dump any more water on the already saturated area, and most importantly, the people behind the show and those traveling from out of state to make it there did not lose their faith. In the end, ShowFest ’11 turned out to be a success and stands as a perfect example of the support needed from both those organizing and those attending the event. Make it a point to check back next month for our show coverage.

Another show that will be facing a similar problem this year due to weather will be SOL, which is held in Joplin, Missouri. A massive tornado just ripped through there this past weekend, which killed at least 116 residents and destroyed the Guilty By Design headquarters. For those not familiar with GBD, they fabricate custom sheetmetal goods as well as high-quality air-suspension products. It’s hard enough for those trying to stay afloat in this industry given the already tough economic times right now, and being hit by a natural disaster can quickly knock you back a couple of steps no matter how many paces forward were made in the past.

Our community is not very large to begin with, and with events and manufacturers of hard-to-find parts getting knocked around by uncontrollable forces, we all should do our best to respect the efforts made by these parties and step up by showing our appreciation and support. Let’s see these unfortunate circumstances through and ride out the storm so we can keep on minitruckin’ into the future.

Until next month,