Ben Rickel Designs
Ben Rickel has been wrapped up in the custom auto world for 15 years now. He’s been around the block a few times over the years by lending a helping hand in his dad’s shop in Arizona, then furthering his experience through proper paint and bodywork education. Ben soon found himself setting up camp in Albany, Oregon, where he struggled with a Nissan Hardbody for the better part of five years. He got it up and running to a few shows but ended up scrapping it for a new computer and a couple of character animation programs. He taught himself the basics of polygon modeling and animation from any DVDs he could buy and free online tutorials he could find. Seven months later, Ben’s pumping out 3D renderings like you see here. Each creation consumes 40 to 60 hours, and the final results are about as lifelike as can be without the use of Photoshop. Interested in booking a block of Mr. Rickel’s time for your own project? Send him a line at

Mini Truckin’ Pride For Life

Cool Guys

If it wasn’t for guys building amazing minitrucks for us to feature, there wouldn’t be a magazine for us to put out for you every month. Luckily there are fresh trucks being built, so we rely on a dedicated army of hired guns to capture the footage. Not all of our freelancers have websites, but please browse around the pages of the guys who are on the ’Net and let them know how they’re doing.