“It is happening, each time, for the first time, for the only time.”
—James Baldwin (American author)

This month’s issue represents a couple of firsts for me. The first, um, first is that I survived a full studio shoot. I’ve spent some time in the studio before, but my role in the past few experiences maxed out at bystander status while I quietly observed the situation and popped off candid shots here and there. My opponent in the ring this time around just happened to be a truck like none other I’ve come face-to-face with before in my years in this business. Even though I had seen this truck before, I noticed under the studio lighting that every square inch on this thing was flawless, and the attention to detail in the paint was intimidating to say the least. But after a grueling 6-hours-plus sparring session, I can say without ego that I think I bested my first major photographic adversary.

In case you’re wondering which truck in particular I duked it out with, look no further than the one on this page. Uncle Fester’s Too Sloww Ford Ranger proved to be a tough subject to shoot given its intricate, stellar details. Fester tells us that he lost count of the amount of man-hours that went into the paint and airbrush work, which is a statement I wholeheartedly believe. The truck certainly deserves to be on the cover of a handful of other magazines I can think of besides ours, which brings me to the second first this issue represents for me.

The issue of Mini Truckin’ you now have in your hands features my very own photo work on the cover. Yup, that’s right, my cherry has been burst wide open! Well, I did shoot a cover while with Truckin’ but my photo ended up being used in a shared, three-truck composite image, so I consider that experience to be a sour, diluted victory (still sorry about that, Jimmy). Without dragging this story on, taking the chance of boring you to death, and sounding like a big ol’ sap, I’ll stop by saying that this is a very exciting time for me. Thanks for making the trip out to Los Angeles from Phoenix, Fester. Hope the trek was worth your while. Build another beast of a truck for us, and we’ll talk about scheduling a rematch.

Hope everybody digs this issue because we had a blast putting it together. Just take a look at the other trucks we’ve rounded up this month, and you’ll understand why. Shon Reece’s ’Yota also sports some crazy paint in its own right and is well-built from bumper to rollpan, and Cody Galle’s LS2-charged Colorado is just begging to burn down a stack of tires!

Thanks for stopping by for another installment of MT. See you next month.