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New Name, Same Quality
Suicidedoors is now doing business as Quality Air Ride (QAR). This change does not affect the quality Thorbecke Brothers air-suspension products that we have all come to trust over the years. The name change also doesn’t affect the deep stock of parts from ’bag goods to keychains and DVDs. Log on to www.qualityairride.com today and see for yourself!

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Subject: STICKERS!!!!!!!!!

Dear Mini Truckin’,

I’m back in Iraq again and have a question for you. I have a fridge over here and I’m trying to get as many stickers on it before I leave here. I have a few people sending me some stickers to fill it up, but if you could, I would love to have a couple Mini Truckin’ stickers sent this way. I would be grateful and honored to plaster this place with stickers of my favorite magazine. Thanks MT!

Fort Hood, TX


First of all, thank you for your service! We are extremely low on stock right now, but we will send you a couple of our super-rare, old-school stickers to slap up while you are in Iraq! It’s the least we can do for someone putting himself in harm’s way. We have received quite a few emails from soldiers overseas, and we couldn’t be more flattered that we can make a small difference in your day-to-day routine out there. Send us a photo of the stickers in use and we will plug it into our Graffiti page! Take care and get home safe.

Team Effort

When times get tough, it’s nice to know that there is a supportive group of friends ready to rally around and do what they can to help out. For the Brewer family, the time they need your help is now. Baby Lilie was diagnosed with two serious congenial heart defects and will have undergone open-heart surgery by the time this issue hits stands. The Brewers have been stretched thin during this ordeal, but their friends have set up a relief effort to ease the blow of financial burdens that have greeted them recently. Visit www.facebook.com/teamlilie to find out how a small donation can make a huge difference.

Browsin’ Around

Weld-in and bolt-on link systems, control arms, custom lights, sheetmetal, and more are available at www.candospecialties.com.