the habits, attitudes, moral standards, economic level, etc., that together constitute the mode of living of an individual or group. In this case, minitruckers!


SEMA Outlook
Hot Rod Horizon

This is just a glimpse of a couple of projects gearing up to invade SEMA this year. Sergio Casillas’ ’00 Tacoma is packing an old-school punch with heavily flaked scallops and roof, elaborate pinstripe pieces, whitewalls, and a louvered hood. Cody Ruthrauff’s ’75 Ford Courier is also bringing some rod style with candy red scallops, a candy-over-tattoo graphics roof, a 327 small-block, and a ’59 Ford Fairlane dash. Stay tuned.

Life in the Fast Lane

Sammy James, the creative mastermind behind MN Fastlife, has a unique style and blend of automotive creativity that always screams of pure innovation. Mr. James doesn’t chain himself to a computer, as every single art piece that is created in his studio is hand-drawn on paper or painted onto canvas for superbly detailed results that are becoming scarce in these digitized times. A rendering from MN Fastlife also boasts distinct styling from photo-quality realism, impactful oil-slick boldness, multi-angle concept designs, or any creative medium in between.

Drop in on MN Fastlife’s Internet headquarters at, or contact Sammy James directly at for instant feedback on your upcoming build.