“Well-arranged time is a good sign of a well-arranged mind.” —Random fortune cookie

I’m screwed if this fortune holds any truth. Scatterbrained is the best description of my work habits lately, but everything does get turned in—eventually. But don’t let my faults ruin this butterflies-in-the-tummy, sing-songy passage. I’m sure it applies to a good majority of you better-organized folks out there.

One guy I do know in particular who always seems to have his stuff together is Jonn Farr. He is no stranger around these parts, and he didn’t cut one corner or waste a single minute while piecing together Project Rum Runner for SEMA ’10. We followed the up-to-the-minute build posts via its public figure Facebook profile as many of you probably did as well. It’s amazing to think how much quality progress can be made in such a short span of time. Since its Vegas debut, Jonn’s cutthroat, buccaneering 4Runner has been on a nationwide tour fit for a member of the custom-automobile elite. It has invaded the World of Wheels show in Indy and Chicago, swashbuckled its way to Detroit Autorama, and with this year’s show season in full swing, it should be making many notable appearances throughout the year. Although freelance photographer John Jackson did shoot an amazing cover feature, photographs don’t come close to capturing this outlaw’s true appeal. You should make an effort to see this street pirate in the flesh—trust us.

On another note, you’ll be pleased to find that our audio buyer’s guide has found its way to you in a relatively timely manner. Nothing says summer more than cruising with the music up and the windows down. Turn to page 30 to start shopping for the loudest in audio goods for 2011. It’s about time to ditch that blown sub and replace those cheesy stock paper door-panel speakers already!

OK, well I guess it’s time to start buckling down on next month’s issue. We’ll have more crazy stuff for you then, so check your mailbox and newsstands in four weeks. Don’t be late!