Hard Luck
No One Said It Was Easy

You might recognize this bruised Nissan, but if you need a reminder of how it used to look, check out page 64 of our April 2011 issue. Yep, this is the Seasoned Vet Hardbody. Owner Randall Ruth informed us that a girl driving a Ford Explorer lost control while turning a corner and slammed into his truck, luckily nobody was inside when it happened. Randall is using this time as an opportunity to build his truck up again and make it even better than before. Good luck buddy!

Sticky Valves
Low in the Snow

We asked our Facebook friends to send in a few images of just how rough some trucks have it out there. This winter hasn’t exactly been too kind on some parts of the country, so for those of you living in a climate that doesn’t bury your ride with inches of powder in a matter of a day: Quit your complaining!