The long, slow-moving months of winter are finally behind us and the 2011 show season is ready to bust wide open. The past couple of months of winding down after the holidays has been nice, but in all honesty, boredom has started to settle in and the thought of hopping on a plane and mixing it up at shows is sounding pretty damn good right now. Cheers in advance to the great times ahead of us!

Another fresh topic is the reintroduction of Brandon Perry's '96 Toyota-or "Chump Change" as it has been known around the minitruckin' circuit. We've been drooling over the rebuild for months thanks to the tons of teaser pics sent from freelance photog Brandon Burrell's personal cell phone. He's been on the front lines of the build for some time now and successfully captured its revamped image on film while on location on the mean streets of West Virginia. The final results impressed the hell out of those of us who remember its first appearance in MT back in the March '07 issue.

OK, it's about that time to sign off now, but before I do I want to personally thank everyone out there for the continued support. We've been seeing our newsstand sales rise all over the country, and it's honestly the best feeling imaginable for all of us in the office!

See ya next month!

-Editor John Mata Jr.