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Votes Are In
Best of 2010 Online Voting Results

We know the anticipation leading up to this point has been rather intense, so we'll just release the results from our polls as voted by you, the minitruckin' public...

Congrats to Kyle Osborne for winning our readers' vote with his sinister '94 Toyota, Freaks of Nature for taking club of the year, and West Coast Nats for slightly edging out the All Star Event.

Subject: Couples Build

Dear Mini Truckin',
My fiancé and I have been constructing a modified '87 S-10 and I am wondering which email address I would send photos and information on the build to so that it can be considered for your magazine. The build is halfway done and I have taken a multitude of photos of everything from interior mods to bodywork. This is going to be a one-off custom truck and ALL the work done to it has been by myself or my fiancé (with the exception of having had the exhaust welded in place at a shop.) This is definitely a build project for your do-it-yourself readers. I will be awaiting your response.

Thank you,
Shylah Muse and Tony Arana
Anderson, CA

We are glad to hear that you and your husband to be have found a hobby and pastime that you guys can enjoy together. We would love to see any photos that you may have, and we look forward to seeing the completed phase of your S-10! As always, you can share any photos or updates with us at mini.truckin@sorc.com. Thanks for writing in, and good luck with the build!

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