the habits, attitudes, moral standards, economic level, etc., that together constitute the mode of living of an individual or group. In this case, minitruckers!

Inked Up Mini Truckin' Style

Happy 10th Anniversary, Smooth Innovations!

Smaller clubs sometimes get lost in the shadows of the much larger organizations that boast hundreds of trucks, members, and chapters peppered across the globe. Smooth Innovations is just one of the intimate groups that have been going strong throughout the years, and what they lack in numbers they make up for with dedication and a true love of the sport. Smooth Innovations, with just 35 members and two chapters in Louisiana and one in Texas, has been representing the minitruckin' lifestyle since 2001. This club, founded by Juston Foreman, is very active as they participate in all local shows and charity events, and their main priorities are friends, family, and community. Congratulations to president Jonathan Burgess, vice president Travis Malone, and all the full-fledged and prospective members for the decade of dedication. Here's to many more years to come!

Digital Art at Its Finest

Nate Shrum is a young, up-and-coming artist who has been on a relentless rendering spree as of late. He has tackled minis, fullsize, and classic trucks with total disregard for OEM styling. If his name or his design alias, North Face Graphix, doesn't ring a bell yet, take a look back at some recent back issues of Truckin' magazine, and you'll find a wider selection of his digitally altered, custom creations. Even though Nate keeps a busy schedule with work, school, and designing, he wants to hear about your upcoming projects, and if we were the betting types, we'd wager that he'd have some rather radical ideas to help take your build way past wild and crazy.

Check out Nate's gallery at, and drop him a line at