I am writing this editorial exactly four days after returning home from the largest, most exciting auto show on the planet-SEMA. Exotic vehicles from all over flock to the Nevada desert every first week of November to display the highest-profile builds featuring some of the most radical parts, wheels, and innovations in the automotive industry. The show is definitely a highlight of the year, not only because it gives a legitimate excuse to bail from the office for a few days and book a trip to Sin City, but it's when we are personally introduced to some of the most amazing projects that have been consuming the time of customizers and fabricators everywhere. There is never a dull moment during the weeklong festival.

Our parent company, Source Interlink Media, was asked to invite vehicles to represent our individual magazines at SEMA, and I'm glad to report that Mini Truckin' was well received by the masses. The lineup of past and future feature/cover trucks that were in attendance impressed even our team since we were able to get up close and personal to trucks that we've only seen as email attachments. I'd like to personally thank Coy Balusek, Andrew Day, Uncle Fester, and all those in their respective crews who helped make the haul possible. It's not easy to put an entire week on pause for the sake of showing off your custom ride, but these guys did without any hint of hesitation.

With another SEMA show behind us, and another sneaking up on the far-off horizon, we are in a welcomed, relaxed autopilot period for a few months until show season picks up again. 2010 was great, but this year will be even better! See ya!