This is a question not easily answered, even an extensive Internet search was little help. When I performed a search for the word "scene," Google responded with a handful of wikis about scene girls and the independent music scene.

When I told the new guy, John, that I wanted to write my column about how I feel that minitruckin' is a scene despite the fact that so many folks say otherwise, he responded with his list of reasons as to why it is important for people to question and analyze the role they are playing. We received mixed answers from everybody we questioned.

I understand exactly what he is saying, but sadly I think there are cliques in the minitruckin' community that feel as though they are superior and that everyone else is just playing minitrucker on their spare time. I still don't think a definitive answer is that easy. After talking with Mr. Mata, I began to realize that there are several different ways to take part in the minitruckin' world. You can fully immerse yourself in the lifestyle, you can go to the occasional truck show and look at the girls, or you can fall anywhere in between.

I personally would not consider myself a minitrucker, nor have I ever been into the lifestyle. Hell, the closest thing to a minitruck that I've ever owned is a Bronco II that I started building many years ago and traded for a dirt bike before it ever ran. Despite this, I would absolutely say that I am heavily into the scene because I really enjoy building trucks for customers and hanging out with minitruckers as they are, as a whole, genuinely fun and, most importantly, real people. There is a camaraderie which minitruckers have that I've never experienced in any other car group-even the too-cool-for-school clique will sit and have a beer with the not-so-cool crowd (this is not something that happens very often at other car shows.)

So where does this leave us? When I began writing this I felt that minitruckin' was definitively a scene, but after investing some thought into it and looking at it from a different perspective, my views have changed considerably. I can certainly see how those of you who view minitruckin' as a lifestyle would take offense to others simply calling it a scene, but I don't think that it is a lifestyle for everybody involved. We each have our individual ways to participate in the minitruckin' world, and I think that is simply all there is to it.

I guess the big question would now be what to call it in order to keep all parties involved from getting offended. What do you think? Let us know how you feel about the matter-send an email to, and voice your opinion.