It's that time of year again. Not the beginning of football season or local elections between the lesser of crooked politicians-we're talking about something that actually hits home for us.

The end of the year marks when our freelancers and staff members get together and select the shows, trucks, and clubs that made their presence known throughout the last 12 months. Flip to page 42 to see who won the Mini Truckin' electoral vote.

Truth be told, some of us were able to select our favorites without hesitation, but I think I speak for the majority of those involved in the voting process by saying it was extremely tough to select just one from each category this year. There were a few discrepancies between a few of us regarding our choices, but I think that's what makes this process so much fun. We all have our preferences when it comes to what we consider appealing, especially with minitrucks since there is so much diversity amongst makes and models.

We don't want you at home to feel left out, so we have opened up a live poll and forum thread on our website for you to make your opinions heard loud and clear. Log on to and cast your votes for your top truck, show, and club of 2010.

Until next month,
John Mata Jr.

Editor's Note:
Although this month's cover truck, the Hardbody built by Chassis By Aaron, is one of our favorite minis that we've shot and featured in the 2010 calendar year, it is not in the running for best of 2010 truck because it is featured in this, the February 2011 issue. This issue you have in your hands was shipped off to the printing press at the end of October, and just landed on newsstands early December. Yes, our editor calendar is confusing, yes, it's not the easiest process to follow, and hell yes, this Nissan will be one of the top trucks to beat next year.